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Players who upgraded to the $250 Unheard Edition of Escape From Tarkov at full price have finally received their promised compensation. Last month, Battlestate Games introduced the Unheard Edition, which cost $100 more than the previous Edge of Darkness edition. This prompted backlash from players who had already purchased the Edge of Darkness edition, as they had to spend an additional $100 to upgrade and unlock the new PvE mode.

As a result of the backlash, Battlestate Games decided to lower the price to upgrade to the Unheard Edition and offered a $50 voucher as compensation to those who had paid the full price. The voucher has now been delivered to players, along with other perks. While the voucher can only be spent on Tarkov products and requires a minimum purchase of $50, it is still a gesture towards rectifying the situation for those who paid the full price before the cost was reduced.

Players who purchased the Unheard Edition now have access to Escape From Tarkov Arena, a fast-paced game mode similar to Call of Duty. Additionally, players who own the Standard, Left Behind, and Prepare for Escape editions of the game have had their stash space increased by two lines, a bonus that has been well-received by many in the community.

Despite the initial controversy surrounding the Unheard Edition, it seems that things are starting to return to normal within the Tarkov community. An in-game event is currently underway and the next wipe is expected to bring back many players. While other games like Gray Zone Warfare and Arena Breakout Infinite have benefitted from the temporary exodus of Tarkov players, it is anticipated that a significant number of players will return to Tarkov in the coming weeks.

Overall, the delivery of the $50 voucher and additional perks to players who upgraded to the Unheard Edition at full price is a step towards rebuilding trust within the Tarkov community. While some players may still be disappointed by the situation, the introduction of new content and events within the game is likely to attract players back and reignite their interest in Escape From Tarkov.

Moving forward, Battlestate Games will need to continue offering engaging content and addressing player concerns to maintain a positive relationship with the Tarkov community. It remains to be seen how players will respond to future updates and events within the game, but for now, it seems that the community is slowly recovering from the initial controversy surrounding the pricing of the Unheard Edition.

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