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The Pac-12, originally founded in 1915 as the Pacific Coast Conference, has undergone several name changes over the years and evolved into what we know it as today. However, after 10 of the conference’s twelve schools announced plans to leave for other leagues, the conference is no more. Starting in the 2024-25 academic year, the Pac-12 will continue as a two-team conference with just Oregon State and Washington State remaining. The final game of the conference, the baseball championship between USC and Arizona, ended in dramatic fashion with the Wildcats winning on a walk-off single in the ninth.

Announcer Roxy Bernstein, who has been with the Pac-12 network since its inception 12 years ago, took a moment after the final game to reflect on what the conference has meant to him and sports fans in general. He expressed his deep connection to the Pac-12 and acknowledged its rich history, referring to it as the “Conference of Champions.” Bernstein and his color analyst, Wes Clements, emphasized the quality and prestige of the Pac-12, stating that it has been the best conference in NCAA history for anyone who had the opportunity to play in it.

Several schools from the Pac-12 have decided to move to other conferences, including Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah heading to the Big 12, while UCLA, USC, Oregon, and Washington will join the Big 10, and Cal and Stanford will become members of the ACC. The breakup of the Pac-12 was announced in August, giving fans and those involved with the conference time to process the news, but the emotions are still fresh. The departure of the majority of the conference’s schools marks the end of an era in college sports and signifies a significant shift in the landscape of collegiate athletics.

The final moments of the Pac-12 were described as a fitting end to an era, with the dramatic conclusion of the baseball championship capturing the essence of the conference’s legacy. The Pac-12 has left a lasting impact on the world of college sports, with a rich history and tradition that will be remembered by fans and players alike. As the conference transitions into a new chapter with just two remaining teams, the legacy of the Pac-12 will continue to be celebrated and cherished by those who have been a part of its storied history.

The Pac-12 has been a cornerstone of college sports for over a century, boasting a legacy of excellence and competition that has shaped the landscape of athletics. The departure of the majority of the conference’s schools marks the end of an era, but the memories and achievements of the Pac-12 will live on in the hearts of fans and participants. Despite the changes and transitions ahead, the Pac-12 will always be remembered as a Conference of Champions, a symbol of excellence and tradition in collegiate athletics. As the final game concluded in dramatic fashion, it was a fitting end to an era that has left an indelible mark on the world of sports.

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