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Former President Donald Trump is currently leading over President Biden in many national polls and surveys, as well as in key battleground states that will likely determine their 2024 rematch. In April, Trump also surpassed Biden in monthly fundraising, with Trump and the Republican National Committee raising $76 million compared to Biden and the Democratic National Committee’s $51 million. This was a change from March when Biden outpaced Trump in fundraising, but Trump’s April haul was boosted by a record-setting event that brought in $50.5 million from top GOP donors.

Despite Trump’s success in fundraising in April, the Biden campaign highlighted their own achievements, stating that they have raised $473 million since the president formally launched his re-election bid, with $192 million in cash on hand as of the end of April. They pointed out that Trump trails significantly in cash on hand and emphasized their large number of grassroots donors, adding one million more supporters to their email list in April alone. The Biden campaign criticized Trump for focusing on courting billionaire donors rather than building a durable grassroots fundraising program.

Trump’s campaign senior advisers, Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, touted their grassroots fundraising prowess, noting that half of their funds came from small dollar donors. They expressed confidence in the resources they were raising to secure a victory in November. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign highlighted that their fundraising advantage has allowed them to make major ad buys in key states and build ground game teams in battlegrounds. Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez emphasized that their fundraising efforts are crucial in mobilizing the coalition of voters who will decide the election.

With five and a half months until the November election, both Trump and Biden are gearing up for their 2024 rematch. Trump’s lead in national polls and key battleground states, as well as his fundraising success in April, indicate a strong position heading into the race. However, the Biden campaign has emphasized their own fundraising achievements and their ability to invest in key battlegrounds and mobilize voters. The rivalry between the two candidates is expected to intensify as the election approaches, with both campaigns focused on building support and securing resources for their respective campaigns.

The fundraising totals for both Trump and Biden have fluctuated in recent months, with Biden initially outpacing Trump before Trump’s record-setting event in April. While Trump has focused on attracting large donations from wealthy donors, the Biden campaign has prioritized grassroots donors and building a durable fundraising program. Both campaigns are working to build momentum and secure resources to ensure a successful outcome in November. The 2024 election is shaping up to be a closely contested rematch between two formidable candidates with strong support bases and strategic fundraising plans in place.

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