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In Oklahoma, a fisherman named Bradly Courtright caught a massive 95-pound catfish while fishing in southeastern Oklahoma using a trotline. This catch was confirmed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) in a Facebook post, where they stated that this was the largest flathead catfish ever caught in Pine Creek Reservoir. Although the fish was smaller than the record for the unrestricted division, it was significantly larger than the rod and reel record. The post garnered a lot of attention on social media, with many users expressing amazement at the size of the catfish.

The comments section of the Facebook post was filled with reactions from awestruck social media users who were impressed by the size of the catfish caught by Bradly Courtright. Some users joked about not swimming in water they couldn’t see the bottom of due to the potential presence of such huge fish. Others congratulated Courtright on his impressive catch, recognizing the rarity of catching such a large catfish. The ODWC also confirmed in the comments section that the fate of the fish was not to be released back into the water, but rather, it was eaten.

Despite the lack of a detailed response from the ODWC, it can be inferred that Bradly Courtright’s 95-pound catfish likely ended up as a massive feast for him and those he chose to share it with. Given the size of the catfish, it would have provided a substantial amount of meat for a delicious fish fry. The humor in the responses to the question of whether the fish was released or eaten suggests that the consumption of such a large catfish was not unexpected among fishing enthusiasts in Oklahoma. Overall, the catch of this gigantic catfish has captivated the attention of many on social media and highlights the thrill of fishing for those who enjoy the sport.

This event in Oklahoma where Bradly Courtright caught a 95-pound catfish serves as a reminder of the impressive wildlife that can be found in the state’s waters. The use of a trotline to catch the catfish adds to the excitement of the catch, as it requires skill and expertise to successfully reel in such a large fish. The record-breaking size of the catfish caught by Courtright is a testament to the diversity and abundance of fish that can be found in Oklahoma’s reservoirs. While this particular catfish may not have been released back into the water, its capture and consumption have generated fascination and admiration from those who appreciate the thrill of fishing.

In conclusion, the catch of a 95-pound catfish by Bradly Courtright in Oklahoma has garnered attention and admiration from social media users and fishing enthusiasts alike. The catfish, caught using a trotline in Pine Creek Reservoir, set a new record for the largest flathead catfish caught in that location. Despite not breaking the unrestricted division record, the size of the catfish was still impressive and drew reactions of awe and humor from those who saw the ODWC’s post. The fate of the catfish as a feast highlights the enjoyment and tradition of sharing a successful fishing catch with others. This event serves as a reminder of the diversity and abundance of wildlife found in Oklahoma’s waters and the thrill of catching such large fish.

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