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Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has been under fire as he works to urgently review a total of 30 visas that were allowed under ministerial direction 99, which has permitted violent criminals with close ties to Australia to remain in the country. The controversial rule has been criticized for allowing individuals such as serial rapists and paedophiles to stay in Australia. Giles has faced scrutiny over his handling of the detainee crisis and has had to defend his position as minister. Despite the challenges, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has stood by his immigration minister and defended him in question time.

In response to the criticism, Giles has justified his position by highlighting the extensive work needed to address the issues within the migration system. He emphasized the need to “clean up the mess” left behind and rebuild a system that was in disarray. Giles has been working to cancel visas and review cases as a matter of urgency, with seven visas already cancelled and around 30 more under consideration. He stressed the importance of protecting the Australian community and applying common sense principles to decisions about allowing visa holders to stay in the country.

Albanese has announced that ministerial direction 99 will be rewritten to address the concerns raised about allowing violent criminals to remain in Australia. Giles has stated that the revised direction will be released as soon as it is ready and has been working closely with senior officials in the department to ensure that the changes are implemented effectively. He has reiterated the importance of prioritizing the safety of the Australian community and using common sense to guide decisions about visa holders staying in the country.

The Department of Home Affairs secretary, Stephanie Foster, admitted during estimates that the department had failed to inform Giles about cases where visa cancellations had been overturned by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Giles has expressed deep concern about this lack of communication and has vowed to address this issue moving forward. He emphasized the need for better coordination and communication within the department to prevent similar oversights in the future. Despite the challenges and setbacks, Giles remains committed to addressing the issues within the immigration system and restoring public confidence in the process.

As Giles faces continued pressure and scrutiny over his handling of the detainee crisis and the review of visas allowed under ministerial direction 99, he has remained focused on addressing the issues and rebuilding the migration system. The cancellation of visas and the urgent review of cases demonstrate his commitment to addressing the concerns raised about allowing violent criminals to stay in Australia. With the support of Prime Minister Albanese and ongoing efforts to rewrite the controversial rule, Giles is working to restore the integrity of the immigration process and ensure the safety of the Australian community remains a top priority.

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