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Amazon and Grubhub have extended their food delivery perk for Prime members in the U.S., allowing them access to a free Grubhub+ membership permanently. Originally announced as a one-year trial that would convert to a paid membership, Prime members will now have free access to Grubhub+ as long as they remain with Prime. The deal is valued at $120 per year and includes perks such as no added delivery fees on eligible orders over $12, 5% credit back on pick-up orders, and more. This partnership allows Prime members to order directly from Grubhub on and in the Amazon shopping app, offering an experience that is identical to the one on Grubhub’s website and app.

Grubhub is a major player in the restaurant food delivery industry, competing against companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats. Amazon left the food delivery space in 2019 when it shut down Amazon Restaurants. Just Eat Takeaway (JET) acquired Grubhub in a deal announced in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic, when the food delivery business was booming. Now, Amazon’s partnership with Grubhub allows Prime members to enjoy the benefits of Grubhub+ without any added cost, further solidifying their presence in the food delivery market.

With the ongoing access to Grubhub+, Prime members have the opportunity to save money on delivery fees and earn credits on pick-up orders. The partnership between Amazon and Grubhub gives Prime members a seamless experience when ordering food, whether they are on, the Amazon shopping app, or the Grubhub website and app. This collaboration offers Prime members a convenient way to order food from their favorite restaurants without the added costs that can come with delivery services.

Amazon’s decision to extend the free Grubhub+ membership for Prime members demonstrates their commitment to providing added value to their subscription service. For Prime members who already pay $139 per year, the inclusion of Grubhub+ at no extra cost is a significant benefit. This partnership not only benefits Prime members by saving them money on food delivery but also strengthens Amazon’s presence in the competitive restaurant food delivery market, allowing them to compete with other major players in the industry.

As the demand for food delivery services continues to grow, partnerships between major companies like Amazon and Grubhub are becoming more common. By offering free access to Grubhub+ for Prime members, Amazon is able to attract and retain customers by providing them with a valuable perk. This collaboration highlights the importance of partnerships in the food delivery industry, as companies work together to offer customers a seamless and convenient experience when ordering food online.

Overall, the extension of the free Grubhub+ membership for Prime members showcases the benefits of collaboration between major companies in the food delivery industry. This partnership allows Amazon to expand its reach in the restaurant food delivery market while providing added value to Prime members. With no added delivery fees on eligible orders and other benefits, Prime members can enjoy a seamless ordering experience across different platforms. As the demand for food delivery services continues to rise, partnerships like the one between Amazon and Grubhub play a crucial role in meeting the needs of customers and staying competitive in the market.

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