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Angela Alsobrooks has emerged as the winner of Maryland’s Democratic nomination for US Senate, defeating three-term Rep. David Trone, who loaned his campaign a record-breaking amount of money. She will now face Republican former Gov. Larry Hogan in the general election, with implications for control of the Senate. Maryland has become a key battleground state, as Republicans only need to pick up one or two more seats to secure the majority.

Despite Trone’s massive financial advantage, Alsobrooks had powerful endorsements from Maryland’s elected officials, including Gov. Wes Moore, giving her the edge in the primary race. Alsobrooks is vying to become only the third Black woman elected to the Senate, and the first Black senator from Maryland, which has resonated with supporters who want to see a woman in the state’s congressional delegation. Vice President Kamala Harris congratulated Alsobrooks on her victory, expressing confidence in her ability to win in November.

The Maryland Democrats will need to unify against Hogan, who remains popular in the state after his leadership during the pandemic. Both Alsobrooks and Trone ran campaigns focused on Democratic values, with Cardin expressing confidence that Marylanders will support the party’s agenda. Alsobrooks emphasized her record in Prince George’s County and positioned herself as the better general election candidate, highlighting issues like abortion rights.

Trone faced criticism during the primary for using a racial slur and his attack ads against Alsobrooks, leading to backlash from Black female leaders. Despite touting his ability to self-fund his campaign and his independence from special interests, some voters were turned off by the amount of money he was spending. Alsobrooks raised significant funds for her campaign and is likely to receive outside support in the general election to secure the Senate seat and make history as Maryland’s first Black senator.

The race between Alsobrooks and Hogan will be closely watched as Republicans aim to flip Senate seats in key states. Alsobrooks’s victory has historic implications for representation in the Senate, and her campaign has the support of influential organizations like EMILY’s List. The outcome of the general election in Maryland will have implications for the balance of power in the Senate, with both parties vying for control. This story will continue to develop as the candidates campaign for the Senate seat in Maryland.

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