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‘The Infinite Woman’ is a transformative exhibition on the French Mediterranean island of Porquerolles, curated by Alona Pardo, aiming to challenge traditional narratives about gender, feminism, and beauty. Situated at the Fondation Carmignac, the exhibition celebrates the feminine form through a mix of sculptures and artworks from over 60 pioneering artists. From past to present, visitors are invited to reflect on their views of the world and that of the artists, exploring themes of myths, magic, sorcery, and sexuality. Pardo describes the exhibition as a lens into a woman’s world in constant flux, where artists play a role in rewriting history with narratives of power, resilience, and feminine emancipation.

The exhibition ‘The Infinite Woman’ at the Fondation Carmignac offers a visually striking and intellectually stimulating experience that challenges societal norms and perceptions. Visitors are taken on an emotional journey through the exhibition, which showcases artwork celebrating women’s pleasure principle, their bodies, and pleasures, encouraging a celebration of these aspects that have been historically repressed. Curator Alona Pardo was chosen for this exhibition after her impressive work on ‘Masculinities: Liberation Through Photography’ at the Barbican in London. The show aims to leave viewers questioning and reflecting on the fluidity of gender constructs, potentially disturbing conservative or traditional viewers while also perhaps not going far enough for some feminists.

The Villa Carmignac, which houses ‘The Infinite Woman’ exhibition, offers a unique blend of art and nature on the island of Porquerolles in southern France. Sculptures celebrating the feminine form dot the grounds, setting the stage for a profound exploration of women’s roles and representations through history and across different art forms. The exhibition features a diverse array of artists and artworks that challenge centuries-old narratives around gender and beauty, offering a fresh perspective on femininity and power. Each room invites visitors to dialogue with the art, sparking conversations about the evolving roles and representations of women in society.

Alona Pardo views ‘The Infinite Woman’ as a powerful tool for rewriting history and amplifying the voices of female artists who contribute to shaping a cosmological, creative moment of female-gendered power and emancipation. The exhibition aims to challenge traditional ideas about femininity and highlight the resilience, strength, and creativity inherent in women’s experiences. The works presented in the exhibition are disruptive and thought-provoking, aiming to engage viewers in conversations about gender, feminism, and beauty, stirring them to consider their own perspectives and assumptions about these topics.

The exhibition at the Villa Carmignac runs until November 3, 2024, offering visitors an opportunity to engage with a range of events and activities that complement the artworks on display. The exhibition not only showcases the talent and vision of more than 60 pioneering artists but also creates a space for dialogue, reflection, and reaction among viewers. By presenting diverse representations of women and their experiences, ‘The Infinite Woman’ challenges viewers to reconsider their views on gender, sexuality, and power, inviting them to participate in a broader conversation about women’s roles in society. The impact of the exhibition is intended to be profound and lasting, encouraging visitors to confront their own biases and assumptions about women and their lived experiences.

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