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Alex Rodriguez has had a complicated legacy in Major League Baseball, especially with the New York Yankees. He was the No. 1 overall pick in 1993 and had a successful 22-year career, hitting 696 home runs, winning three MVPs, a World Series, and 10 Silver Sluggers. In his 12 seasons with the Yankees, he hit .283 with a .900 OPS, putting up Hall of Fame-worthy numbers. Despite his accomplishments, the organization has not yet retired his No. 13, which bothers Rodriguez, although he understands it is not his decision to make.

Rodriguez’s career had its ups and downs, including being suspended for 211 games in 2013 for using performance-enhancing drugs, which was reduced to one season. He was critical of the Yankees during this time and even threatened to sue them. Fans turned on him, and he faced boos both at opposing ballparks and at home in Yankee Stadium. However, by 2015, he had regained some forgiveness from fans as he hit 33 home runs that season. In his final game in 2016, he received a standing ovation, a stark contrast to the boos he had previously faced.

After retiring, Rodriguez has become a prominent baseball personality, working as an analyst for Fox Sports and doing Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts on ESPN. He has also worked alongside his former teammate and rival Derek Jeter, gaining popularity with fans. Despite his accomplishments and contributions to the sport, the Yankees did not see fit to retire his number until 2021 when Joey Gallo wore it briefly before being traded in 2022. This decision reflects the complex reaction to Rodriguez during his time with the team.

Rodriguez expressed his desire to have his number retired by the Yankees, calling it a “dream come true.” He understands that the decision ultimately lies with team executives Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine and respects whatever choice they make. Despite any lingering disappointment about his number not being in Monument Park, Rodriguez continues to support the Yankees and hopes for their success. His post-retirement career has been marked by a successful transition to the media, where he continues to be a respected voice in the baseball world.

While Rodriguez’s legacy may be complicated, there is no denying his impact on the game of baseball. His on-field accomplishments are impressive, and his ability to rebound from setbacks and rebuild his reputation with fans speaks to his resilience. Despite the mixed reactions he has received over the years, Rodriguez remains a significant figure in the sport, both for his playing career and his contributions to baseball media. Whether or not his number is retired by the Yankees, Rodriguez has left a lasting mark on baseball history.

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