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Alberta MLA Jason Nixon recently shared the news that his 16-year-old son, Austin, has been released from the Calgary hospital after a four-month stay following a rollover crash near Sundre. Nixon’s daughter, Chyanne, sustained minor injuries in the accident, while Austin was critically injured and fought for his life in the ICU. The family expressed gratitude for the support and care they received during this challenging time. Nixon revealed that the weeks when Austin was in a coma were incredibly difficult, with the uncertainty of whether he would ever wake up weighing heavily on them.

The statement from Nixon and his wife, Tiffany, detailed the progress that Austin has made during his recovery. They celebrated the milestone of him leaving the hospital last weekend and returning home to continue his rehabilitation as a day patient. Nixon highlighted Austin’s determination and the strides he has made in relearning basic skills such as speaking, walking, and self-care. The family acknowledged that there will be further challenges ahead, such as regaining the ability to eat and adjusting back to school, but they remain confident in Austin’s ability to fully recover.

As a result of focusing on his family during this difficult time, Nixon temporarily stepped back from his role as the MLA for Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre and as minister of seniors, community, and social services. Mental Health and Addictions Minister Dan Williams provided support in Nixon’s absence. Despite the challenges ahead, the family expressed pride in Austin’s progress and determination throughout the recovery process. The statement also thanked first responders and healthcare workers for their role in helping Austin during his rehabilitation.

The twins’ accident occurred on December 1, and Austin was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. The family recounted the emotional rollercoaster they experienced during the weeks when Austin was in a coma, noting that the day he woke up was a moment of immense relief and joy for them. Nixon shared updates on Austin’s recovery journey, highlighting the remarkable progress he has made in regaining his motor skills and independence. The family remains optimistic about Austin’s future and is grateful for the continued support they have received.

Nixon’s social media post emphasized the resilience and determination shown by Austin throughout his recovery. From relearning to move and speak to gradually regaining his ability to care for himself, Austin has faced each challenge with unwavering determination. The family’s message conveyed a sense of hope and gratitude for the progress Austin has made so far, as well as a recognition of the difficult road ahead. They expressed confidence in Austin’s ability to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead and fully recover from the accident. The community support and assistance of healthcare workers were also highlighted as integral to Austin’s ongoing rehabilitation.

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