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Airbnb has partnered with Disney to bring the home of the iconic, fictional super-suit designer Edna Mode to life in West Hollywood. This project is part of Airbnb’s Icons initiative, which offers unique experiences hosted by renowned cultural icons, both real and fictional. In the past, Icons has invited guests to visit locations like the X-Mansion from X-Men ’97 and Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse. Now, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Incredibles, guests can step into Edna Mode’s home.

Visitors are greeted at the door by a British gentleman named Huxley, who gives them a tour of the space. The design of the home evokes the aesthetic of early 2000s Pixar films, with clean, minimalist interiors that feel like stepping into an animated world. Fans of The Incredibles will recognize iconic elements from Edna Mode’s home, such as the sitting room with red and black couches, a stone mural, and a statue outside the building. Details throughout the home, such as the labeling on food and easter eggs referencing the wider Pixar brand, add to the immersive experience.

Guests have the opportunity to uncover their superpowers through a quiz and create their very own super-suits with the help of Edna Mode’s designer. Templates and cloth options provided for the suits reflect the Pixar superhero universe, allowing visitors to choose combinations that suit their powers and styles. The experience includes a demonstration in the suit testing chamber where designs are tested against heat, lasers, and freezing temperatures. The attention to detail in recreating Edna Mode’s world is evident throughout the entire experience.

While the house is not an exact replica of the one seen in the films, recognizable elements and Pixar designs are lovingly remade by those who know and love the films. The tour includes a security scan system, a design workshop with cartoony gadgets, and machinery that capture the essence of Edna Mode’s world. Booking requests for guided tours of Edna Mode’s home opened on May 24th and closed on May 28th, with tours running from June 6th through June 30th. The experience is free for selected fans and includes the opportunity to design and receive a custom super-suit.

For those unable to secure a spot for the Edna Mode experience, Airbnb and Disney have more planned for the summer. Guests can stay overnight in a house recreating Carl’s home from Up with over 8,000 balloons above it, and step into Joy’s control center to experience the emotions at work in Inside Out. Airbnb’s commitment to allowing fans to experience Pixar’s colorful locales brings the beloved films to life in an immersive and fun way. More information on the Edna Mode experience and upcoming Airbnb Icons can be found on the Airbnb website.

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