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Daniel Diez, a tech and communications leader previously with Magic Leap, has joined Agility Robotics as chief strategy officer. The Oregon-based company, known for its Digit bipedal humanoid warehouse robot, recently raised $150 million in funding with participation from Amazon’s Industrial Innovation Fund. Diez had multiple roles at Magic Leap and has experience with companies such as KCD Brands, R/GA, and Interbrand. Earlier this year, Peggy Johnson, former Microsoft executive, became Agility’s CEO. They also announced plans for a new manufacturing plant in Salem, Oregon to produce over 10,000 robots annually.

Seattle startup Zuper has hired Seth Nesbitt as chief marketing officer, previously a marketing leader at Icertis. Zuper provides field operations software and recently raised $32 million. Corinne (Pascale) Stroum, a healthcare IT leader, was promoted to head of emerging technologies at SCAN, a nonprofit focusing on senior care. Robb Monkman was promoted to chief marketing officer at Seattle-based telecom startup Teal Communications, having previously founded React Mobile.

Diez’s leadership at Agility Robotics will help drive innovation in the robotics industry, particularly in warehouse automation with the Digit robot. Amazon’s investment in Agility further solidifies the company’s growth potential and its ability to revolutionize warehouse operations. Johnson’s appointment as CEO brings a wealth of experience to the company, with her background in technology and leadership roles. Agility’s expansion with a new manufacturing plant demonstrates its commitment to scaling production and meeting demand for its robots.

Nesbitt’s role at Zuper will help the company expand its reach in providing field operations software to various industries. Stroum’s promotion at SCAN highlights her expertise in emerging technologies and will drive innovation in senior care. Monkman’s promotion at Teal Communications will bolster the company’s marketing efforts as it continues to grow in the telecom industry. These key personnel moves in the Pacific Northwest indicate a trend of experienced leaders taking on new roles in tech and healthcare companies.

Overall, the appointments of experienced leaders in various tech companies in the Pacific Northwest demonstrate a commitment to driving innovation and growth in their respective industries. The increased funding for Agility Robotics and the opening of a new manufacturing plant signal a period of expansion and advancement in the robotics sector. With leaders such as Diez, Johnson, Nesbitt, Stroum, and Monkman at the helm, these companies are poised for success and poised to make a significant impact in their industries. These moves reflect the continued growth and evolution of the tech industry in the region and their potential to shape the future of technology.

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