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The Biden administration has approved a new batch of student loan forgiveness for teachers, nurses, charity workers, and other public service employees, bringing the total number of discharge approvals under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program to nearly 900,000. President Biden has expressed his commitment to fixing broken student loan programs and ensuring that higher education is accessible to all. The administration has approved almost 77,000 borrowers for almost $6 billion in student loan forgiveness as part of ongoing improvements to the PSLF program.

The PSLF program, established in 2007, aims to incentivize work in underserved areas and industries through student loan forgiveness after 120 qualifying payments. However, the program had been plagued by eligibility rules, misinformation, poor loan servicing, and oversight issues, resulting in a high rejection rate for borrowers. The Biden administration has implemented temporary waivers, regulatory updates, and online tools to streamline the application process and address these longstanding problems.

Since the Biden administration’s changes to the PSLF program, the number of borrowers receiving student loan forgiveness has increased significantly. Over $60 billion in student loan forgiveness has been granted to nearly 900,000 borrowers, compared to only 7,000 borrowers prior to the administration’s reforms. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona noted that these changes have helped public servants access the debt relief they are entitled to, turning a promise broken under the previous administration into a promise kept.

Despite the progress made under Biden’s leadership, PSLF borrowers are still facing challenges such as loan servicing issues, payment miscalculations, and processing delays. Senate Democrats have called for an investigation into the Education Department’s contracted loan servicer, MOHELA, following reports of difficulties faced by borrowers. Additionally, the IDR Account Adjustment, a temporary program allowing for credit toward PSLF for previous repayment periods, is set to end next month, requiring borrowers to take action to qualify for the program benefits.

Biden’s efforts to reform the PSLF program have had a significant impact on borrowers in public service industries, providing much-needed relief for those who have dedicated their careers to underserved communities. The administration’s focus on increasing accessibility to student loan forgiveness and addressing long-standing issues within the program has led to a substantial increase in approvals and billions of dollars in debt relief for borrowers. Despite ongoing challenges, the administration remains committed to improving the PSLF program and ensuring that public servants receive the support they deserve.

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