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Former President Trump is confident that he has a good chance of breaking the losing streak for Republicans in Minnesota in the 2024 presidential election. Despite Minnesota typically voting blue, Trump lost the state by a close margin in 2016 and a larger margin in 2020. Trump is back in Minnesota for a fundraising dinner and is optimistic about his chances, citing the support he has in the state from allies like Tom Emmer, who is chairing the Trump campaign in Minnesota. Both the Trump and Biden campaigns are eyeing key swing states for the upcoming election, with opportunities to expand the electoral map.

During a closed-door Republican National Committee retreat, senior Trump campaign advisers pointed to internal surveys suggesting that Minnesota and Virginia are potentially in play for Trump in the upcoming election. Both states have significant populations of rural white voters without college degrees who tend to support Trump. However, the Biden campaign disagrees with this assessment, saying they are not taking any state for granted and are confident in securing the Biden-Harris coalition in Minnesota and Virginia. The campaign is engaging with voters in these states and focusing on maintaining strong support.

While Trump’s campaign is looking to expand the electoral map in Minnesota, Biden’s campaign is considering swing states like North Carolina and Florida. Despite his narrow victory in Florida in 2020, Trump’s campaign believes he has a real opportunity to win the state. The Biden campaign, on the other hand, views the Trump campaign’s assessment of potential victories in Minnesota and Virginia as a false narrative. Both campaigns are gearing up for a tough battle in key swing states, with each side looking for opportunities to secure crucial electoral votes.

Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota believes that the state is in play for the 2024 election and argues that Democrats need to put in the work to secure the state for Biden. Trump’s recent rally in New Jersey, a blue state where Republicans have not won in a presidential election in over three decades, shows his confidence in expanding the electoral map. Despite losing New Jersey by a large margin in 2020, Trump is determined to win the state in the upcoming election. Both campaigns are focused on key swing states and are preparing for a tough battle ahead as they work to secure crucial electoral votes and expand their support base.

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