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Former President Donald Trump, after his recent criminal trial in New York, is focusing on fundraising events to support his presidential campaign. With a guilty verdict behind him, Trump is preparing for events in states like Texas and California, with tickets for these fundraisers ranging from $50,000 to $300,000. Fundraisers are also being planned in the Hamptons, with the campaign hoping to secure additional hosts for the events. Trump has expressed interest in holding a fundraiser and rally at Madison Square Garden in July, potentially overlapping with the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Tickets for the Madison Square Garden event could potentially raise millions for Trump’s campaign, which has been facing significant legal expenses. The event would serve as a counter to President Joe Biden’s successful fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall, which raised over $25 million. The Republican National Convention will also feature a summit hosted by Jacob Helberg, a former Democratic Party donor turned major Trump supporter. The event will focus on technology and the defense industry, with confirmed guests including the founder of defense technology company Anduril Industries and several Republican lawmakers.

Helberg, who has shifted his support from Democrats to Trump, stated that his support is based on key issues facing America, such as immigration, competition with China, and conflicts in the Middle East. The event at the Republican National Convention aims to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., and the defense industry, showcasing the evolving landscape of Republican donors and supporters. Despite the ongoing legal battles and the verdict in New York, Trump’s team is optimistic about the fundraising events and their potential to support his re-election campaign.

The events in California, the Hamptons, and potentially Madison Square Garden, highlight the financial support and enthusiasm among Trump’s donors and allies. The planned fundraisers come as Trump faces multiple criminal cases and expensive legal bills, which have been funded by donor contributions. The fundraisers aim to not only replenish campaign funds but also to rally support and enthusiasm among Trump’s base. The events, which include high-profile hosts and guests, underscore Trump’s continued influence and fundraising acumen within the Republican Party.

While the legal battles and ongoing criminal cases have posed challenges to Trump’s campaign, the fundraising events offer an opportunity to energize his supporters and bolster his financial resources. The events in various states, including potential venues like Madison Square Garden, demonstrate Trump’s resilience and strategic focus on fundraising as he navigates the legal and political landscape. With key allies and supporters mobilizing to host and attend these events, Trump aims to maintain momentum and financial support for his presidential campaign, despite the legal hurdles and controversies surrounding his administration.

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