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Mayor Eric Adams is calling for action from Albany to address the issue of recidivism following two violent incidents in New York City. He highlighted the state’s criminal justice system as a key factor contributing to the rise in crime and random acts of violence in the city. Adams emphasized the need for a comprehensive analysis of the root causes of recidivism, pointing out that it is not a simple problem that can be addressed with a single solution.

The recent violence, including the shooting of a police officer and the death of a subway rider, has reignited calls for reforms to the criminal justice system and mental health laws in New York. Adams stressed the importance of addressing recidivism, which has been a persistent issue but has not received enough attention in the past. He also called for changes to discovery laws and Kendra’s Law, which could help provide better treatment options for those with mental health issues who are involved in criminal activities.

Despite efforts by the Adams administration to push for reforms, there has been little movement on the issue in Albany as lawmakers focus on budget negotiations. Governor Kathy Hochul has proposed increasing penalties for repeat offenders who assault retail workers, but some legislators have been resistant to these changes. Assemblyman Michael Durso criticized the legislature for not taking action to keep criminals off the streets, pointing out the tragic consequences of their inaction.

City Councilwoman Diana Ayala also expressed concerns about the current systems failing to address the root causes of violence and criminal behavior. She emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach that combines efforts to improve the criminal justice system, mental health services, and social programs. Ayala called for a hearing to assess the effectiveness of existing laws and ensure that the city is doing everything it can to prevent future tragedies.

The mayor and other officials are urging Albany to prioritize reforms that address recidivism and improve mental health services in New York. They argue that the current laws are out of alignment and are not effectively addressing the underlying issues that lead to criminal behavior. Despite the challenges of passing legislation in a timely manner, there is a sense of urgency to take action and prevent further violence in the city.

As the debate continues in Albany, there is a growing sense of frustration among lawmakers and officials who are pushing for change. The tragic incidents that have occurred in New York City have highlighted the need for comprehensive reforms to address the root causes of crime and violence. It remains to be seen whether the legislature will respond to these calls for action and make the necessary changes to improve public safety and address the issue of recidivism in the state.

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