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The segment focuses on Dolce Glow, a sunless tan brand available in the NBCUniversal Checkout Marketplace. The brand offers a luxurious self-tanning experience that caters to all skin tones, with Miley Cyrus even investing in the brand. Whether you’re a tanning newbie, a pro tanner, or have pale or fair skin, Dolce Glow has a product that will help you achieve an effortless and natural-looking tan.

Isabel Alysa, the creator of Dolce Glow, provides tips for achieving the perfect sunless tan at home. She emphasizes the importance of identifying your skin type and selecting the right product accordingly. Alysa recommends using the hydrating mousse or drops for dry skin, while the lightweight mist is tailored for oily complexions. Proper skin prep and exfoliation are essential for a flawless tan, so she advises exfoliating 24 hours in advance to remove dead skin cells.

To apply the Dolce Glow products effectively, Alysa suggests using the brand’s application tanning mitt and applying the formula in gentle circular motions. Whether you prefer mousse or mist, she recommends starting with a small amount and gradually building for a natural finish. For a subtle everyday glow, Alysa recommends mixing the hydrating serum drops with your moisturizer to achieve a luminous complexion without committing to a full tan. She also provides guidance on post-tan care to prolong the tan’s longevity.

Dolce Glow’s self-tanning products are designed to last up to seven days with proper care. The brand offers a range of formulas to help you achieve your desired level of bronzed glow, whether you’re looking for a subtle everyday tan or a deeper, more dramatic look. By using oil-free, lightweight moisturizers with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, you can keep your tan looking fresh and radiant for longer.

Embrace your radiant glow with Dolce Glow’s sunless tanning solutions, which provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional sun exposure. By shopping now, you can embark on a journey to luminous, summer skin and achieve your best bronze without the harmful effects of UV rays. Discover the luxury of Dolce Glow and experience the confidence that comes with a flawless, sun-kissed tan that lasts.

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