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ABC News host Jonathan Karl questioned Sen. Marco Rubio about his statement that it would be an honor to serve as Donald Trump’s vice president. Rubio stated that anyone given the opportunity to serve as Vice President should consider it an honor as it is a way to serve the country. He clarified that he has never discussed the position with Trump or his team, emphasizing that there are many qualified individuals Trump could choose from for the role.

Karl raised concerns about the treatment of former Vice President Mike Pence in light of the Capitol riot where a mob stormed the building calling to hang Pence. Rubio defended Trump’s presidency, stating that the country was better off when Trump was in office. The conversation then shifted to blaming each other for the Russian-Ukraine conflict, with Rubio and Karl engaging in a back-and-forth discussion on the matter.

Karl played a clip of Rubio criticizing Trump as a “con artist” during the 2016 election, when Rubio was also running for the nomination. Rubio countered by pointing out that there were more clips of him criticizing Trump, including calling him dangerous and untrustworthy with the nuclear codes. Rubio then questioned why Karl did not show a clip of Kamala Harris insinuating that Joe Biden was a segregationist before becoming his running mate.

Trump had mentioned several potential running mate choices, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Tim Scott, during a Fox News town hall. Rubio reiterated that being offered the chance to be a presidential running mate would be an incredible opportunity to serve the country. He emphasized the importance of considering it an honor to be asked to serve as Vice President, despite stating that he had not discussed the position with Trump or his campaign.

Rubio highlighted the positive working relationship he has had with Trump since their competition in the 2016 election. He noted that although they were once rivals, they have worked well together, especially during Trump’s presidency. Rubio expressed that it would be an honor and a great opportunity to serve the country if offered the role of vice president. He reiterated that the decision ultimately lies with Trump and that there are many qualified individuals that Trump could select for the position.

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