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Reflection Games, a Seattle-based game studio, is seeking investment to support the development of its first project. A recent SEC filing reveals that the company has raised approximately $2 million in funding. The studio, founded in 2021, consists of a 16-person team focusing on mobile game development. Their debut game, Mutant Forge, is a free-to-play strategy battler currently in play-testing on iOS and Android platforms.

The CEO of Reflection Games, Paul Thelen, is a former founder and chairman of Big Fish Games, a popular casual gaming company based in Seattle. Thelen departed from Big Fish in 2018 following its acquisition by Aristocrat Technologies. Other members of the Reflection team include veterans from Big Fish Games, such as Patrick Wylie, Christopher Warwick, and Michael Tapley, along with a distributed team of developers from the Pacific Northwest. The studio’s mix of experienced industry professionals and new talent indicates a strong foundation for their debut project.

Mutant Forge, the studio’s first game, combines elements of real-time strategy, tower defense, and auto-battlers. Players build teams of disposable monsters to attack enemies and dismantle fortifications. Each mutant unit has unique strengths and weaknesses, requiring strategic deployment based on the situation. Success in missions rewards players with currency and items that can be used to enhance mutant stats, abilities, or create new units through experimentation.

The current version of Mutant Forge offers a playtest build accessible on the official website for interested players. The game will ultimately include a single-player campaign mode and player-vs-player matches, expanding its gameplay options. The playtest version allows players to experience the core mechanics and gameplay loop of the title while providing valuable feedback for further development. Additional updates and news about Mutant Forge are expected to be released in the near future.

Reflection Games’ focus on mobile game development and free-to-play models aligns with current trends in the gaming industry. The team’s experience and expertise from their time at Big Fish Games position them well for success in this competitive market. As they continue to refine and expand Mutant Forge, the studio is likely to garner interest and support from investors and players alike. The successful funding round indicates confidence in the project and highlights the potential for Reflection Games to make a significant impact in the mobile gaming space.

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