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The new film Road House, directed by Doug Liman, is a remake of the Patrick Swayze classic featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton and former UFC champion Conor McGregor in his film debut as the formidable villain Knox. The story follows a similar path to the original, but Gyllenhaal’s character is a former MMA fighter with a checkered past, adding a modern twist to the film’s narrative. McGregor’s presence on screen brings a raw intensity that captivates the audience, but some critics feel the story’s progression falls short, especially in the development of important characters and dialogue.

While the fight scenes in Road House lack a strong MMA feel overall, there is one standout scene that may appeal to MMA fans looking for some recognition in the film. Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of Dalton brings a new interpretation to the iconic character, showcasing his toughness as a former mixed martial artist while still maintaining the charisma of an Academy Award nominee. McGregor’s performance as Knox, while solid in his film debut, leaves room for improvement with more experience and a deeper narrative.

The visual aspects of Road House, particularly in the UHD version on Amazon Prime, are stunning, with scenes that could easily double as a Corona commercial and epic angles that draw the audience into the intensity of the story. Despite some shortcomings in story progression and dialogue, Gyllenhaal’s performance and McGregor’s on-screen presence add depth to the film, making it an entertaining watch for fans of the original and newcomers alike. McGregor’s portrayal of Knox may resonate with audiences familiar with his persona as a master promoter in MMA, but with refinement, he has the potential to deliver a standout performance in future roles.

Overall, Road House offers a mix of action, humor, and intensity that can be enjoyed if approached with the right expectations. While the film may not fully satisfy MMA fans looking for more in-depth references, Gyllenhaal’s performance and McGregor’s debut add a fresh perspective to the classic story. With stunning visuals and moments that showcase the talents of the cast, Road House is a film that, while not without its flaws, still provides an entertaining experience for audiences looking for a fun action movie with a touch of nostalgia.

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