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President Biden is facing the challenge of combatting “Trump amnesia,” a softening of feelings about his predecessor’s term. However, Donald Trump revived accusations of his flirtation with Nazism by reposting a video containing the words “unified Reich.” He hinted at restricting contraception and rehired a campaign aide with accusations of sexual harassment. A court ruling in one of his federal criminal cases revealed documents with classification markings were repeatedly overlooked before being found in his bedroom, potentially leading to a convicted felon label.

Despite Mr. Trump’s ability to survive political chaos and Norm shattering, he is facing the challenge of the general election. His success may depend on voters who do not unconditionally support him recalling the turbulence of his previous term. Surveys show that views of his administration have improved over time, with a larger share of voters believing his term was better for the country than President Biden’s. Despite his criminal indictments, connection to Capitol siege, and impeachment twice, Trump’s Republican base remains loyal.

The Biden campaign is focusing on issues like abortion bans, threats to democracy, and chaos during the Trump administration to sway voters. Trump’s recent actions provide ample material for the campaign to highlight his extreme and dangerous behavior. While Trump’s campaign believes voters are more concerned about broader issues like the economy, the Biden team is capitalizing on Trump’s controversial statements to distract voters from the core issues at stake in the election.

Trump’s statement on birth control restrictions was quickly backtracked after criticism, as he asserted he does not advocate for such restrictions. The “unified Reich” video, associated with Nazi Germany, was disavowed by the campaign and removed from social media, with his team claiming it was created by a random account. Trump’s accusation that the FBI authorized the use of deadly force against him was disputed by the bureau, leading to further backlash.

The Biden campaign capitalized on the recent controversy surrounding Trump, emphasizing his extreme and dangerous behavior. Biden criticized Trump for embracing fascism and using language associated with Hitler’s Germany. Pollsters believe that voters have already made up their minds about Trump, and it is unlikely that new information will change their perceptions of him. Despite Trump’s attempts to control the narrative, his controversial statements continue to spark backlash and scrutiny.

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