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A traveler returning a rental car at Vancouver International Airport found an animal running loose in the parking lot and decided to rescue it. The traveler, known as Reddit user Gone_and_Forgotten, shared the story of finding a bunny and taking it home. The bunny, named Cinnabun, quickly adjusted to its new home and has become very comfortable. The owner’s girlfriend researched Netherland dwarf rabbits to properly care for Cinnabun. They eventually added a second rabbit to the family as a companion for Cinnabun, unable to resist the adorable pets.

Airport representative Alyssa Smith mentioned that the airport was not aware of the rescue but mentioned that the area surrounding the airport, Sea Island, has a rabbit population. The airport takes measures to deter the proliferation of rabbits, including maintaining vegetation, having signs encouraging against dropping off pets, and avoiding feeding wildlife. The safety of aircraft and passengers is a top priority for the airport, as unmanaged wildlife can pose significant safety risks. The airport works to find a balance that ensures safety while protecting the natural environment on Sea Island.

The Reddit post about the bunny rescue received over 17,000 upvotes and 230 comments, with users gushing over the tiny bunny. Many people expressed their love for rabbits as pets and admiration for the bunny’s rescuers. The fluffy appearance of the bunny also garnered a lot of attention from commenters. If anyone wants to share funny and adorable videos or pictures of their pets, they can send them to the email provided by Newsweek for a chance to be featured in the Pet of the Week lineup. Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

The story of the bunny rescue at Vancouver International Airport highlights the compassion and kindness of the traveler who decided to take the bunny home. Cinnabun quickly adjusted to its new surroundings and became a beloved member of the family. The airport’s efforts to manage the rabbit population demonstrate their commitment to safety and environmental protection. The heartwarming reaction from Reddit users shows the positive impact of sharing stories of animal rescues and pet adoptions. Newsweek’s dedication to featuring stories that challenge conventional wisdom and foster connections further emphasizes the importance of sharing uplifting and heartwarming content.

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