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When the author first visited Finland in 2017, they were captivated by the natural beauty of the country, as well as the societal structures and values they observed. Finland’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social welfare stood out to them, with ample recycling options, lack of homelessness, and a high level of independence for people of all ages. This initial impression left a lasting impact, prompting the author to move to Finland in 2019 to join their husband as he pursued his basketball career. Today, the author is an entrepreneur living a fulfilling life in Finland.

One of the main reasons the author loves living in Finland is the emphasis on nature in daily life. Finnish cities are located near outdoor spaces, and it is common to incorporate nature into daily activities such as biking or walking. The author enjoys exploring forests, lakes, and outdoor trails, finding peace and mental health benefits in nature that they did not experience in their home country. Despite Finland’s often harsh weather, the author appreciates the societal attitude towards outdoor activities and the positive impact it has had on their well-being.

Another aspect of life in Finland that the author appreciates is the culture of lifelong fitness. They have found it easy to maintain healthy habits in Finland due to the encouragement and support they receive when trying new activities or sports. The lack of judgment and fear when attempting new things, along with organized sporting clubs and lessons for all ages, have helped the author stay active and make friends in their new community. The welcoming environment for physical activity has allowed the author to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The author has also been impressed by the societal well-being initiatives and support systems in Finland. From generous parental leave packages to transparent pay practices and accessible healthcare, Finland prioritizes the welfare of its citizens. Public services such as free higher education, convenient public transportation, and easy recycling systems contribute to a sense of safety and security for residents. The author feels cared for and supported by the infrastructure and policies in Finland, which have made their transition to living in the country smoother and more comfortable.

While initially surprised by the quiet and reserved nature of Finnish people in public spaces, the author has come to appreciate the warmth and genuine connections they have formed with locals. Despite the lack of socializing and small talk in public settings, the author has found Finns to be kind, welcoming, and authentic once you get to know them. The cultural differences in communication styles have not hindered the strong relationships the author has built in Finland, and they feel grateful for the personal growth and experiences they have had since moving to the country.

Overall, Finland has become a place of personal transformation and fulfillment for the author. Living in a society that values slow living, nature, self-sufficiency, and staying active has shaped the author in significant ways over the past five years. From starting a successful marketing firm to embracing outdoor adventures and new experiences, the author credits Finland with helping them become the person they are proud to be today. Through their journey in Finland, the author has found happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging in a place that embraces sustainability, well-being, and community.

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