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Easter is a festive holiday that often involves indulging in sugary treats like candy. However, if you’re looking to avoid cavities and still have a fun Easter celebration, there are alternatives to sugary snacks that you can include in your children’s Easter baskets. Some ideas include LEGO Creator sets, DIY stepping stone kits, sensory toys, Squishmallows, bath bombs, card games, wind chime kits, and egg decorating kits. These gifts are not only fun and festive but also provide an opportunity for creativity and play.

If you’re looking to get a head start on your Easter shopping, Amazon Prime membership can be a helpful tool. With benefits like fast, free delivery and access to exclusive deals, Amazon Prime members can have their purchases delivered to their door in as little as 24 hours. Additionally, Amazon offers a variety of Easter-themed gifts and toys that are perfect for filling Easter baskets. You can take advantage of a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime to start your holiday shopping today.

LEGO Creator sets, such as the White Rabbit Animal Toy, are a great option for kids who love building and constructing. This set allows kids to build a white rabbit and then transform it into a cockatoo or a seal, providing hours of entertainment and creativity. DIY kits, like the Creative Roots Mosaic Turtle Stepping Stone Kit, are also a fun and educational gift, allowing kids to decorate their own stepping stone for the garden. These gifts are not only entertaining but also give kids the opportunity to express their creativity.

Sensory toys, like the Bunny Carrot Pop Bubble Fidget Toy, are a great option for young kids who enjoy tactile play. Made from environmentally-friendly silicone, these toys provide a fun and relaxing sensory experience for kids of all ages. Squishmallows, such as the Bubbles The Purple Bunny with Flower Crown, are also a popular gift choice for Easter baskets. These soft, cuddly toys are perfect for kids who enjoy collecting plush animals and are available in a variety of cute designs.

In addition to toys and games, there are also other Easter-themed gifts that can be included in Easter baskets. Bath bombs, such as the Easter-themed bath bombs from Sprig, are a fun way to add some color and excitement to bath time. Similarly, card games like the Easter Bunny Go Fish Card Game provide entertainment for the whole family. Wind chime kits, like the 4M Make A Wind Chime Kit, are a great way to celebrate spring and create a fun and decorative craft project with kids. Egg decorating kits, such as the Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit, make decorating Easter eggs easy and mess-free, providing a fun and creative activity for kids.

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