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Prom season has officially begun, with some people reminiscing about the John Hughes-esque memories of lacy dresses, corsages, and happy memories, while others feel prom is overrated. One person spent prom night like any other Saturday night, on the couch eating takeout and watching TV. Despite attempting to come off as “too cool for prom,” the idea of a good prom story still excites them. Eight Vogue staffers share their prom experiences and photos, providing a glimpse into their youthful memories.

Mark Guiducci, the creative editorial director, recalls attending Winter Formal in 2004 with a group of friends. They shared a limousine and a flask of Smirnoff, enjoying the 60-degree weather in the San Diego suburbs. Despite attending with a girl as a friend and another couple, Guiducci felt a connection with the other boy in their group. Interestingly, the only person he still remembers from that night is the other boy’s date, Emily, who went on to become EmRata, a well-known model. Guiducci fondly remembers her unforgettable chestnut eyes, seeing them in various media and on runways over the years.

Irene Kim, the production and editorial coordinator for Vogue Runway, shares a photo from her prom night. In the picture, she is seen posing with her date and best friend, dressed in a glamorous gown. The memory of prom night evokes a mixture of emotions, from excitement and nerves to happiness and nostalgia. Kim’s photo captures a moment frozen in time, reminding her of the joy and anticipation of that special evening surrounded by friends and classmates.

Each staff member’s prom experience is unique, showcasing a range of emotions and memories associated with the event. From the excitement of getting dressed up and attending with a date to the awkwardness of navigating social dynamics and group dynamics, prom night represents a significant milestone in many people’s lives. The shared photos and stories highlight the variety of experiences and perspectives on prom, illustrating the diverse ways in which individuals remember and celebrate this traditionally significant event.

Despite the diversity of experiences, there is a common thread of nostalgia and sentimentality running through the staff members’ recollections of prom. Whether it was a night filled with laughter and dancing or a more subdued evening spent with close friends, prom remains a cherished memory for many. The photos shared by the staff members capture a snapshot of their youth, frozen in time and evoking a sense of longing for days gone by. Prom serves as a reminder of the fleeting nature of youth and the importance of celebrating milestones and creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Overall, the Vogue staff’s prom reminiscences offer a touching and personal glimpse into their past experiences, highlighting the significance of this milestone event in the lives of many. From friendships formed to crushes revealed, prom night represents a pivotal moment in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The photos and stories shared by the staff members serve as a reminder of the universal appeal of prom night, with its mix of excitement, nerves, and nostalgia. Despite the passage of time, the memories of prom night continue to evoke strong emotions and fond recollections for those who have experienced this rite of passage.

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