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At the age of 51, Cameron Diaz has become a mom for the second time, welcoming a son named Cardinal Madden with her musician husband Benji Madden. This happy news comes after the couple’s first child, daughter Raddix, was born in December 2019. Diaz has kept details about her children private, only describing Raddix as the best thing that ever happened to her and Benji. She took a break from acting in recent years to focus on her family and her organic wine business, Avaline, but will make a return to the screen in 2024 in the Netflix film Back in Action.

Diaz is among a number of celebrities who have chosen to expand their families later in life. Supermodel Naomi Campbell, at the age of 50, posed for the cover of British Vogue with her baby daughter, who was born in 2021. She later announced the birth of her baby boy in June 2023, calling him a true gift from God and emphasizing that it is never too late to become a mother. Similarly, Hilary Swank, the Oscar-winning star of Million Dollar Baby, became a mother to twins – Aya and Ohm – at the age of 48 in April last year. These women are breaking stereotypes around motherhood and proving that starting a family later in life is a valid choice.

Diaz’s decision to focus on family and stepping away from the spotlight reflects a growing trend among celebrities choosing to prioritize parenthood and personal life over their careers. Some have returned to acting after taking a break to raise their children, while others have continued to work while balancing their roles as parents. The entertainment industry is evolving to accommodate the changing needs and priorities of its stars, allowing them to have fulfilling personal lives while also pursuing their professional passions.

The joy of motherhood is evident in the words of these celebrity moms, who express gratitude for their children and the experiences that come with raising them. Campbell, Diaz, and Swank all highlight the significance of becoming a parent later in life and the rewards that come with it. With social media giving them a platform to share their journey with fans and followers, these women are inspiring others to embrace parenthood at any age and to celebrate the beauty of family life.

As Diaz returns to the screen in 2024, fans are eager to see her in action once again, balancing her career with her role as a mother and wife. Her presence in the Netflix film Back in Action is sure to be a treat for audiences who have missed seeing her on screen. With more celebrities like Diaz, Campbell, and Swank paving the way for motherhood later in life, society is shifting its perspective on when and how women can choose to start a family, showing that motherhood is a journey that can begin at any age.

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