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The search and rescue effort in response to flash floods and cold lava flow in Agam and Tanah Datar districts involved local rescuers, police, soldiers, and volunteers. The disaster struck around 10:30 pm on a Saturday, according to Basarnas search and rescue agency. Cold lava, also known as lahar, consisted of volcanic materials like ash, sand, and pebbles carried down the volcano’s slopes by rain. Unfortunately, the initial reports indicated that 12 people, including children, had died.

Authorities were still receiving reports of missing individuals from relatives despite the ongoing search and rescue efforts. However, no specific number was given for the total number of evacuees from the affected area, as priority was placed on locating victims and the missing. In Tanah Datar district, several mosques and a public pool suffered damage, with large rocks and logs scattered on the ground. Meanwhile, in Lembah Anai, a popular tourist spot with a waterfall, a road connecting Padang and Bukittinggi was severely damaged, and access for cars was blocked.

The devastation in Agam was also significant, with dozens of homes and public facilities being damaged, according to the district’s disaster agency chief, Budi Perwira Negara. At the scene, a journalist from AFP noted that in the Tanah Datar district, there were signs of destruction, including a river where two trucks had been swept away by the flooding and strong currents. Additionally, the road connecting Padang and Bukittinggi in Lembah Anai was heavily damaged, making it inaccessible for vehicles.

The rescue efforts involved a coordinated response from various entities, including local rescuers, police, soldiers, and volunteers. As the situation unfolded, Basarnas search and rescue agency provided updates on the evolving situation. Despite the challenges faced by the search and rescue teams, they remained committed to locating victims and the missing, while also attending to the needs of the affected communities. The damage caused by the disaster was evident in the mosques, public facilities, and homes that were destroyed, underscoring the urgent need for assistance and support for those affected by the tragedy.

The impact of the flash floods and cold lava flow left a trail of destruction in the Agam and Tanah Datar districts, affecting communities and infrastructure. As authorities grappled with the aftermath of the disaster, the focus remained on rescuing victims and providing assistance to those in need. The collaborative effort of local rescuers, police, soldiers, and volunteers highlighted the importance of community resilience and solidarity in times of crisis. Moving forward, the recovery and rebuilding process would require continued support and resources to help the affected areas recover and rebuild.

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