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Lilit Davtyan, the CEO of Phonexa, recently launched her own podcast called Level Up With Lilit, where she engages in insightful conversations with successful leaders. She wanted to help her audience “level up” by sharing stories from these leaders that go beyond their careers. Davtyan aimed for natural flow in her conversations without scripts or rehearsed dialogues, focusing on making her guests comfortable and allowing curiosity to guide the discussions.

Launching a podcast has taught Davtyan to take feedback and use it constructively. She follows the “sponge methodology” from Adam Grant’s Hidden Potential, continuously seeking new knowledge and experiences to maximize growth potential. Her podcast producers and marketing team have become a supportive scaffolding, providing honest feedback and strategies for improving future episodes. Davtyan’s willingness to adapt and think differently about feedback has enhanced her storytelling skills.

Davtyan emphasizes that the real work of a podcast happens after the episode airs. Building a loyal audience requires engagement, promotion, and fostering discussions on social media. Nurturing this community is essential in creating a dialogue rather than a monologue, keeping listeners engaged and connected. Davtyan acknowledges the importance of continuous improvement and finding ways to keep both guests and listeners interested and wanting more.

In conclusion, Davtyan highlights the importance of flexibility in podcasting. She challenges her listeners with riddles at the end of each episode, encouraging interaction and engagement. Her dedication to creating meaningful conversations and fostering a sense of community through her podcast reflects her passion for storytelling and connecting with others. Davtyan’s experience with launching Level Up With Lilit has been a learning process that has changed her perspective on people and storytelling, leading to personal growth and professional development.

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