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Michael Bruyette, a 59-year-old Florida man with a criminal background, is running for city council in Palm Bay with hopes of bringing positive change to the coastal town. Bruyette spent 30 years in prison for beating a man to death in 1985. While he never went to trial for the crime, he took responsibility for his actions and claims that prosecutors exaggerated the severity of the incident. Bruyette’s involvement in the murder stemmed from a friend’s request to help kill her abusive ex-husband, who she claimed had a $300,000 life insurance policy that she would share with them. Despite his involvement in the crime, Bruyette maintains that he never intended to kill the man.

As a city council candidate, Bruyette is campaigning on bringing more resources to the Palm Bay Police and establishing a Boys and Girls Club in the city to provide affordable childcare and after-school sports options for parents. With his experience working for the city’s utilities department, he is pushing for insurance reform and more affordable housing options to address the needs of at-risk youth in the area who lack free and safe recreational options. Bruyette describes himself as an open book who is hardworking, responsible, loyal, and truthful, and he is not afraid of his past being scrutinized as he seeks a position in government.

Despite his criminal background, Bruyette has received positive reception from locals as a transparent and honest candidate. He believes that his willingness to take responsibility for his past actions and his commitment to bringing positive change to the city sets him apart from other candidates who may not be as open about their past. As a parent himself, Bruyette has personal concerns for at-risk youth in the community and is determined to provide more resources and support to address their needs. He sees the current state of the city as deteriorating and aims to make a difference through his candidacy for city council.

Bruyette’s parole officer has allowed him to run for a city council seat, and he is listed as an official candidate for Seat 3 on the Palm Bay city council. The upcoming election, scheduled for November 5 with a primary on August 20, will determine if Bruyette secures a position on the city council. Despite his controversial background, Bruyette remains committed to his campaign and is determined to win the confidence of voters through his transparency, work ethic, and dedication to improving the community. He believes that his unique perspective and personal experiences can bring value to the city council and contribute to positive change in Palm Bay.

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