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Us Weekly has compiled a list of 15 chic sunglasses that not only look stylish but also provide superior sun protection. With summer in full swing, it’s essential to have a pair of sunglasses that effectively block out the sun’s harmful rays. These picks are not only fashionable but also come with super dark tinting to ensure your eyes are fully protected.

The list features a variety of styles, including polarized sunglasses, oversized round sunglasses, chunky rectangle sunglasses, retro sunglasses, flat top sunglasses, tiny cat eye sunglasses, round sunglasses, tortoiseshell sunglasses, hexagonal sunglasses, wayfarers, aviator sunglasses, Jackie O style sunglasses, oversized aviators, square sunglasses with gold accents, and wide-rimmed glasses. Each pair is affordably priced, ranging from $10 to $20, making it easy to find the perfect pair to suit your style and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless aviator style, a bold statement with oversized frames, or a retro vibe with Jackie O-inspired glasses, there is something for everyone on this list. The sunglasses are designed to not only enhance your look but also provide ample protection from the sun’s glare, ensuring that you can enjoy the outdoors without straining your eyes or squinting in the sun.

These sunglasses are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re heading to the beach, running errands in the city, or enjoying a day out with friends. With their dark lenses and stylish shapes, these sunglasses will not only elevate your outfit but also keep your eyes safe and comfortable throughout the day. Plus, at such affordable prices, you can easily stock up on multiple pairs to mix and match with your different looks.

Don’t let the sun get in the way of your fun this summer – invest in a pair of chic, dark sunglasses that block out harmful UV rays while adding a touch of style to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer classic aviator styles, trendy oversized frames, or retro-inspired shapes, there is a pair on this list that is perfect for you. Stay protected and stylish all season long with these affordable and fashionable sunglasses that are sure to enhance your summer look.

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