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Each week, a compilation of funny fails is shared by a Twitter user to provide readers with a humorous break from the doomscrolling. The first fail involves a woman supervising her friend’s class when a large jug of hand sanitizer spills, leaving her as the only adult in the room to deal with the situation. The second fail showcases a husband who is so locked into his work headspace that he responds to his wife’s request for a snack via email sent to his work address.

Another funny fail involves a Twitter user sharing wretched baby names from 2023 pregnancy and baby groups, highlighting the absurdity of some modern naming choices. A parent shares an embarrassing moment when their child awkwardly compliments a classmate’s breath that always smells like goldfish crackers. A humorous encounter at a theater occurs when a woman loudly reacts to Judas betraying Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, showing her misunderstanding of the storyline.

A Tweet about an advertisement for ancient Greek lessons claiming the instructor is a native speaker adds humor to the mix. A parent’s failed attempt at discussing stranger danger with their child results in the child eagerly accepting candy from strangers. Other fails include humorous text interactions, moments of solidarity gone wrong, and absurd encounters in the healthcare system.

One tweet hilariously describes how 11 people in Iceland accidentally registered as candidates for the presidential election, leading to an unexpected turn of events. A final fail involves a cake fail where a disastrous cake is received, causing chaos when it is opened. Readers are encouraged to check out more fail compilations and follow the creators for more humorous content.

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